Saturday, April 17, 2010

Stranded Day One: Heidelberg

To make the best of a less-than-ideal situation, my colleague and I decided to take a day trip on Friday to the nearby town of Heidelberg.  The town is about a 1/2 hour train ride away from where we're staying and is a lovely place to visit.  It is along the Neckar River and is surrounded by hills.  There's a lovely castle there, a famous bridge, and an old-town shopping district.

Both my colleague and I have been to Heidelberg before, and we've done the castle, etc.  So yesterday we wandered around the shopping district, browsed in interesting shops, and people (and dog!) watched.  We  had lunch (including a German beer of course) in the square in front of the courthouse.  We got to watch couples leave the courthouse after getting married, and be greeted by family and friends.  One couple had to balance on what looked like a bosu ball while kissing, another couple was made to hula-hoop.  I'm not kidding.

Here are some pictures from the day:

Lots of  bikes parked at the train station

One of many lovely fountains

Spargel stand

A closer look -- so many varieties of spargel.  Yum!

View down a side street

Typical building

View down another side street (I liked the side streets)

Cute old dog - wirehaired dacshund (?)

Lab in Starbucks. 
You knew I'd have to find a Starbucks, didn't you?

Shopkeeper's dog. 
She says he hates to be without her so she brings him to work.

Today we went to another nearby town.  I haven't loaded those pics yet - I'll post them tomorrow!


  1. Think about you everytime I hear the news! Especially when I heard that the last time it erupted, it continued to erupt for TWO YEARS! See you at Natl Specialty 2012?

  2. 2012? I'm renting a kayak if this goes on more than a couple of weeks!

    Right now we're scheduled to leave Monday morning. If flights are cancelled Monday, we likely won't find a flight until Friday or Saturday...

    If that happens, my National Specialty 2010 entries will be a nice donation to the CWCCA.

  3. I was thinking of you this morning when I read about all of the cancelled flights. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed you make it out in time for the specialty.

  4. I'm really hoping that things will clear up and you can get home in time for nationals.

    Makes you never want to travel again, no?

  5. It really does make me think that car trips are the way to go. Or maybe just not traveling at all.

    I'm still waiting to hear about our flight tomorrow.

  6. At this time we're planned for you to keep Saturday morning. In the event that arrivals usually are baulked Saturday, many of us probable would not look for a journey right up until Friday as well as Weekend...

    In the event that that happens, my Countrywide Specialty 2010 records will be a nice monetary gift for the CWCCA.


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