Friday, April 9, 2010

Maggie wins in Veteran's obedience!

I took Maggie to the show today, too.  I wanted to get into the Veteran's ring before we went to the Specialty.  And what a way to start!

Here's a picture of Maggie with her first place ribbon and tennis ball award

(side note for those of you who aren't crazy obedience people:  Veteran's class is a non-regular/non-titling class for dogs 7+ years old.  The class contains exactly the same exercises as Novice obedience, run in the same order, and scored the same way)

Maggie rocked in Veteran's today.  She lagged once on heeling (very mildly) and did couple of "hover-sits" (in which she sits, but her hind end isn't quite on the floor - Maggie says, " why sit all the way down when I know I'm just going to start again?"), but otherwise was great.

Her final score:  197!!

My best score ever in obedience.

What made this all the more special is she reminded me that I can actually train a dog and have that dog love to work.  After 3 hours of sitting around reliving Z's Rally performance (see today's post) I was feeling pretty lousy about spending years training, taking a day off work, driving 1.5 hours to get to the show, and having a miserable showing.

Thank goodness for Maggie!!!

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  1. Congrats on Ziggy's Rally leg, even if it wasn't the performance you were hoping for. You gave me a big chuckle when you described your 360 turn. I knew EXACTLY what you meant ! I have taken just one rally training class with Wilson and had many large, fast 360s! I had thought I would get him going in rally since he doesn't get to do much agility anymore due to a shoulder issue. Alas, he was pretty good, but it is me that doesn't have the obedience temperment! I admire anyone who can compete in obedience as I think it is much more difficult to train for!


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